The Camerata Argentina de Guitarras was founded in late 2008 by Nicolás Gagliani, Sebastián Pompilio and Leonardo Coluccia with the mission to produce a renewal in the Argentinian guitar scene. In order to accomplish this, the work focused on two objectives. First, the study and dissemination of the existing original repertoire for this kind of ensemble and, moreover, to encourage, through various means, the composition of new music works.

After eight uninterrupted concert seasons these goals are beginning to become apparent: the Camerata Argentina de Guitarras has been able to premiere the most outstanding original repertoire for guitar ensemble in Argentina. In turn, it has made worldwide premieres of works especially dedicated to this group by Argentinian and international composers. Including the renowned Cuban composer Leo Brouwer.

In addition to original works for guitar orchestra and ensemble, chamber and orchestral transcriptions are an important part of the repertoire.

This ensemble has been able to play in the most important auditoriums and theaters in Buenos Aires: Centro Cultural Kirchner, Usina del Arte, Biblioteca Nacional, Teatro Colonial, Teatro Payró, Salón Oval de la Legislatura Porteña, C. C. Borges, C.C Recoleta, Centro de Arte Experimental UNSAM, Facultad de Derecho, etc

The Camerata took part in the “Guitarras del Mundo” Festival (2013 and 2015 editions). Concerts were held at the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti, Centro Nacional de la Música and Auditorio León F. Rigolleau (Berazategui).

In 2015 the ensemble was convened by the Universidad Nacional de San Martín to work in a new guitar technologies forum organised by IRCAM researchers (France).

The Camerata has a discography amounting to two independently-released albums: “La Ciudad de las Mil Cuerdas” and “Fuego Nuevo”.

The second album was recently published and it is devoted to Latin American music with works by A. Piazzolla, J. Farias and A. Marquez. It was recorded at ION, a legendary recording studio in Buenos Aires city.

The Camerata Argentina de Guitarras’s activities were declared as “of cultural interest” by the Buenos Aires City Legislature in 2014.

“The Camerata Argentina de Guitarras’s existence and permanence are auspicious”.

Mauro Apicella. La Nación. (Argentinian newspaper)

“An ensemble I would love to hear live.”

Tim Panting. Classical Guitar Magazine (England)


Musical Director: Martín Marino.

Artistic Director: Nicolás Gagliani.

Communication coordinator: Maximiliano Luna.


Andrés Vaccarelli, Samuel Aguirre, Nicolas Gagliani, Mariano Ruarte, Rafael Compte, Ignacio Bolla, Christian Serravalle, Francisco Alonso, Maximiliano Luna, Walter Moisello, Leonardo Lucero, Germán Rodger, Joaquín García,Manuela Iparraguirre, Demian Gustavino, Joaquín Vaca and Francisco Torres (double bass).